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For the cat is cryptic, and close to Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroë and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle's lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten.

H. P. Lovecraft, The Cats of Ulthar

Iä! Welcome in the name of the Great Old Ones to the internet presence of the music project Ultharine. All released music is available for streaming and/or download in the music section. Click the words above (News/Concept/Sound/Music etc.) for the various sections of this website. Below follows the first section, project and site news.

17.07.30—The crew&credits section has been embellished.

17.07.24—A new album again is in the works. Demo(s) can be found on SoundCloud.

17.01.03—A new music video.

16.12.28—As promised below, the songs of the new album can now be streamed from their respective lyrics pages. YouTube links have been added for the songs that have videos on that site. Thanks to Beryl Stoker for the uploads.

16.12.18A Dream Cycle is relased and can be listened to on SoundCloud. The songs are not yet streamable from the lyrics pages, but that is to be added shortly.

16.11.22—The new album might be approaching release, and all the lyrics have been added. Some cosmetic changes to images.

16.09.29—The music section has been added to.

16.09.27—A new album named A Dream Cycle is in the works. Two demos have been uploaded to SoundCloud.

16.08.23—Ultharine is now also on Bandcamp. This is in part because STIM does not allow me to offer registered material for free download. As such the download links for the last two albums have been removed. (The first album remains downloadable in full.) Navigation between songs in the music section has been made somewhat easier.

16.06.20—Major update. The lyrics pages of the songs from the last two released albums now lets you stream the songs in question. As a consequence, the mp3 links for those two albums have been removed.

16.06.19—Three more links and some small corrections.

16.06.17—The albums Specimen and A Mist That May Devour are available as playlists on SoundCloud that can now be reached from the music section.

16.06.13—One website clarification (above) and one addition (to the music section).

16.06.12—The new album is now available in lossless format as a playlist on SoundCloud.

16.05.29—Iä! Though the mastering may be subject to changes, Specimen is now available for your perusal.

16.05.27Specimen is finally nearing release (took a while longer than expected eh), as all the ingredients have been added. They now include violin and viola played by Anders Wättring. What remains is some final adjustments, and then mastering. The demos for the new album have as such been updated to the current working state of those songs.

The links to the hosted short fiction has been moved to the resources section and one more prose poem has been added. Also some modifications to the crew section.

16.04.26—Ultharine is now on SoundCloud. The resources section has been organised and added to.

16.04.25—Updated Specimen demos.

16.04.24—Part of the purpose of Ultharine is to promote classic horror and fantasy fiction through music. With that purpose in mind, a lot of contents on this site has been hyperlinked. Works referenced in the concept and sound sections are now linked. So are all the literature quotes when the sources are available online.

16.04.23—The 'preview'/mp3 links for the first album now work again. Also look above.

16.04.22—Some fiction has been added to the art section. More æsthetics.

16.04.21—Some usability and æsthetic improvements. There is some more art.

16.04.20—Some corrections. All the lyrics of the new album have been added.

16.04.19—The album Specimen is finally nearing release, after several years in production limbo. This is reflected by demos and lyrics in the music section. Also improved website graphics.

15.10.12—Ultharine is now on Facebook. There is also a piece of art.

15.10.11—Many website updates. The sound section now reflects that there are two albums. Some links to relevant media have been added to the Face the Hydra and The Cloud lyrics. The lyrics of Not Like You Murdered Anyone have also been added.

15.10.09—Ultharine's second album, A Mist That May Devour, can now be considered released. It has been in the works for some five years, and its sound—and that of Ultharine itself—has developed quite considerably over that time. (Which means that the 'Sound' section should probably be updated.) In short can be said that the folkrock influences have been scaled back, while the overall sound is a bit more ghostly with liberal usage of a (virtual) minimoog synth. Rhythms may be a bit heavier. Curious cultists can head over to the music section. This website needs updates and additions, which will hopefully be performed in the next few days.

15.10.08—Iä! The cat lives. The website is somewhat updated and again online. A mighty major update is to be expected shortly.

10.11.17—A better sounding download archive of the album is provided, thanks again to Johannes. This one is not ripped from the cd, but produced from the same digital master, which makes for a clearer and more pleasant listening experience. Anyone who likes the album is recommended to download this. (In the music section, as before.) The files are now hosted by which should make for faster and hassle-free downloads. (Thanks, haddock!)

10.09.07—Iä! Album is released. Head over to the music section for all your Ultharine downloads.

10.08.26—Fixed the preview links in the music section, they now point to mp3 files. Apologies for the downtime.

10.08.17—Further delays due to family problems, but here is an update. Johannes has made an astounding mastering, which is reflected in the demos available in the music section. The website has been overhauled.

10.06.23—Summer is clearly the anathema of gothic creativity. Due to spontaneous vacations of people vital to the mastering and layout of the album, the release of the latter will have to be postponed until at least mid-July.

10.06.18—Major site update, hopefully the last before the final release of the album, which hopefully will happen in 1-2 weeks. New website graphics, the sections have been completed and a crew section added, and lyrics are provided for the downloadable songs. The latter should now reflect what will appear on the album.

10.05.29—We are nearing final release of the album, one first tentative mastering has been made, thanks to the helpful assistance of Johannes Mattsson, who also does the bass on most songs on the former. The demos in the album section have been updated to current mastered versions. We will make some final corrections the coming week, then hopefully we can make a release, that week or the one after. Great work on the album cover is also being done by Kristian Holvila.

10.04.21 —Added a demo of the work in progress on This Unfading Season in the album section. This song includes the superb violin work of Anders Wättring, which will also feature on more songs. Also uppdated is the demo of Whiter Nights.

10.03.21—Updated the demo of Whiter Nights to the best version so far. Work on that mix continues, and if all works out as planned the final album version will also include a surprise. This last week we have also started adding violin to those songs that are to include it.

10.03.10 —Updated the demos in the album section. The vocals and drums on Whiter Nights are finally getting there. This has been a productive week for the project.

10.03.08—One new (Whiter Nights) and one updated demo added to the album section. A few other website updates too.

10.03.03—Added a demo of the song The Grave-Held in the album section. Also added to is the contact section.

10.02.28—This webpage is launched. Some sections still need to be written or fleshed out. Work on the forthcoming album is proceeding at good pace at Studio Svängdörren in Gothenburg.

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