The window manager FVWM is immensely versatile and useful for all sorts of window-handling purposes. However, as with Unix itself, many have found its initial learning curve quite steep and the vast plentitude of its configuration options overwhelming.

On this site are provided various editions of a FVWM configuration that is written to be as easy to understand and as portable as possible, while still utilising the power and versatility of that window manager. The features of this configuration include:

  • Portability. The configuration expects very little from the target system. Any modern Unix with X11 and a recent version of FVWM should suffice.
  • Interface bindings based on industry standards, with full keyboard control of all window operations.
  • Clean and professional-looking default visuals.
  • Easily extendable and thoroughly commented configuration file(s).
  • Adapted to run with or without a session manager.
  • Optional theming through the Shades subsystem.


3/19/17—With v1.5 is Alt+Tab behaviour likely more in line with what most would expect. Shuffle up/down from the workspace menu now do a simulacrum of what those functions do in MWM/CDE. Standard keybindings (enter/escape) work in the logout form. Thanks to okraits for the feedback.

3/17/17—Release of v1.4. Enhanced layout of the FvwmIdent and FvwmPager modules. Window movement with the numeric keypad now better follows the specification. Extended theming abilities with FVWM Shades, and several new sample themes provided.

2/18/17—Release of v1.3 of the configuration, highlights include enhanced visuals and better keyboard control. New naming scheme of the files. The website has been fleshed out, especially the about section.

1/21/17—Launch of this website. The configuration files are now at v1.2.


Janon can be contacted as that nick on both Freenode and the Undernet (irc). An email address is given at the top of the config.

Last updated March 19th 2017