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"This," she whispered in my ear, "is the House of the Past. Come with me and we will go through some of its rooms and passages; but quickly, for I have not the key for long, and the night is very nearly over. Yet, perchance, you shall remember!"

Algernon Blackwood, The House of the Past


Full of gods this silence is.
Autumn night: hidden light in darkness, this.
Liquid flowing through your presence, silently;
Firelight reflecting therein, partially.

A maze of notions in your gaze, you let me see.
Silent answers as your're listening to me.
The universe unfolds, still one, yet manyfold—
Unfolding in the silent secrets, we have told.

Breathlessly, to descend into a moonlit sea
Of reminescenses, half felt, half known to me.

Geheimnis dieser Nacht,
Diesen Mondlicht, seinen großen Macht.
Do you remember, we looked different
So long ago beneath the sparkling stars of the firmament.

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