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Then one night as I listened at the door, I heard the shrieking viol swell into a chaotic babel of sound; a pandemonium which would have led me to doubt my own shaking sanity had there not come from behind that barred portal a piteous proof that the horror was real—the awful, inarticulate cry which only a mute can utter, and which rises only in moments of the most terrible fear or anguish.

H. P. Lovecraft, The Music of Erich Zann

Below are the hitherto four released Ultharine albums. Should you wish to own any of them in (lossless) physical form, get in touch, and likely something can be worked out.

Forgotten Realms

The upcoming fifth album develops the Ultharine concept and sound yet further. Some things are forgotten that should be remembered, while other things remembered are best confined to oblivion.

Preliminary Track listing

The Fallen (intro)
Realms of Filth (lyrics)
Murdered Anyone (Liquified) (lyrics)
Memory (read)
Words of the Lord
Only the Despicable (lyrics)
One of the Nine (background)
Sometimes I (The Sister) (lyrics)
The Cats (lyrics)

Demos on SoundCloud

A Dream Cycle

The fourth album. Its concept is the realms and manifestations of dreams. (2016)

Track listing

Shadows of the Sea (listen/lyrics)
A Dream Within a Dream (listen/lyrics)
Two Cats of Ulthar in the Enchanted Woods (listen)
Some Crave
Polaris (listen/text)
I am Providence (listen/lyrics)

Playlist on SoundCloud


The third album takes the Ultharine concept further into the feared sonic unknown. (2016)

Track listing

The Mother Load (listen/lyrics)
Geheimnis (listen/lyrics)
Azathoth (listen/text)
The Sorrow Warrior
In the Vale of Pnath (listen/definition)
Specimen (listen/lyrics)
The Nameless City (listen/lyrics)
Feline Ill (listen/lyrics)

Playlist on SoundCloud

A Mist That May Devour

The second and most dark-sounding album to date. It can be described as a theme album, the songs are different perspectives upon the idea of mist as a symbol of the chaos that is pushing upon the edges of the world we think we know. (2015)

Track listing

Frozen Flames (listen/lyrics)(YouTube)
Heroine (listen/lyrics)
Within the Mists of the Sea (quote)
The Cloud
Not Like You Murdered Anyone (listen/lyrics)
Face the Hydra (listen/lyrics)
The Gates of Winter (listen/lyrics)(YouTube)

Playlist on SoundCloud

Existence in the Not

Ultharine's first album, and the first, rough, attempt to implement the weird rock concept. See the crew section for who participated.

Here is a full download of the album in mp3 format. (2010)

Track listing

Not in the Places we Know (quote)
In the Not (lyrics)
The Grave-Held (lyrics)(YouTube)
This Unfading Season
On the Borderline (lyrics)(YouTube)
Endymion (lyrics)
Whiter Nights (lyrics)(mp3)
Gulf of Dreams
Before the Wall (lyrics)

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