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Things are hunting me now—the things that devour and dissolve—but I know how to elude them. It is you they will get, as they got the servants...

H. P. Lovecraft, From Beyond

Some Crave

The craving is within
The creature reaching outside.
Seeking to suck in,
Devour through a maw wide.
Slithering it around:
The feeler seeking ever
That very special thing;
Enough there shall be never.

A presence in demand:
The entity that you are.
Manipulate your mind—
The craving them will drive far.
Ever on and on;
Feeding makes them crave more.
Halftruths, or what’s false—
One can never be sure.

Some crave,
They lurk upon your way.
They crave,
Some dreams consist of They.

Loving is a means,
A means to satisfaction.
Friendship with a smell:
A stench of putrefaction.
Tentacles abound;
They have found and bound you.
Bound within a spell.
Arachnid dreamweb holds you.

Some crave,
They lurk upon your way.
They crave,
Some dreams consist of They.

Some will crave your hunger
Some crave alcohol
Some crave you beside them
So they can take their toll

Some will crave your heartache
Some will crave abuse
When they’ve craven everything
You are of no use

The craving’s still within
The creatures reaching outside
Seeking to draw in
Devour through a maw wide
Slithering them around,
The feelers seeking ever
Very precious things,
Enough there shall be never.

Some crave,
they short cut can your way.
They crave;
Some dreams consist of They.

They crave
As ghouls claw your grave.
Some crave
And dreams consist of They.

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